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Experimental : g2log with Clang++

After several requests to release g2log with Clang support I finally yielded. From today g2log will have experimental supportĀ for Clang. Why the Clang support is experimental is just because I have no OSX machine to test it on. So all … Continue reading

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Active Object the C++11 way

g2log is getting close to being finished (as in an online article somewhere). While that is taking place I took a side step and cleaned up some old code snippets / articles that I wrote at kjellkod.cc I think the … Continue reading

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Elements of Modern C++ Style

Elements of Modern C++ Style. This is good, quick online help when starting out with C++11. I’m sure to look over this and of course Bjarne Stroustrup’s more in depth C++11FAQ as g2log moves closer to being released.

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