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g3log 1.3 and g3sinks 1.1 released.

G3log v.1.3 with improvements for ARM, OSX, Linux and Windows platorms. Nanosecond fractions granularity in log entries plattform and build improvements logging levels improvements bugfixes – API, README updated with build instructions and more code examples. G3Sinks v.1.2 improved log … Continue reading

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Who is in Your Network?

It is not a question about if but when someone will be eavesdropping on your network. It might not be a “break in” but a “break out”! Do you know how common it is to have your applications and systems … Continue reading

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finally got its thread support back again! Something like this would have failed a week ago

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The world’s fastest logger vs G3log

Why not take the world’s fastest logger and compare it to G3log.  It’s a fun comparison and might show some PRO and CONs with each. This comparison will show that being the world’s fastest logger is not good enough when … Continue reading

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BitBucket no more, G3log has moved to GitHub

if you go to you will be greeted by a “we have moved” sign    G2log, the idea try-out G2log-dev and finally G3log all used mercurial and resided at BitBucket. Yesterday that changed. G3log resides solely on GitHub from … Continue reading

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G3log now available on GitHub:

Thanks to popular request you can now find g3log on GitHub as well as on BitBucket. Feel free to use whichever repository is best for you. Use or (it’s moved to be only at github)

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Is it possibly to get a stacktrace to file from a signal handler?

I got a great question from a reader of the g2log article on CodeProject regarding g2log’s implementation of a crashhandler. […]new, delete and IO operations are not safe in signal handlers and could cause unpredictable behavior. I checked your implementation … Continue reading

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