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Concurrency : concurrent<T> part 2

concurrent<T> part I described a powerful wrapper that made all calls to the object to be executed asynchronously and in FIFO order. Using a lambda call made it easy to bundle several actions on the concurrent<object> in one asynchronous operation. … Continue reading

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C++11 template tricks: Finding the return value type for member function-pointer

Using templates you can deduct the return type from a non-member function fairly easy. Finding the return type for a member function is a little trickier. You can do it in various ways. decltype can still be used but now … Continue reading

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Concurrency : Concurrent<T> part 1

Herb Sutter presented in C++ and Beyond 2012 a very useful concurrency pattern that is an improvement from the “active object“. concurrent wraps any objecft and all calls to the object will be executed asynchronously and in FIFO order. Basically it … Continue reading

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G2log with Clang., Now with all the bells and whistles

At reddit I found that it was possible to get futures and std::thread to play nice on Linux/Clang. I have updated my previous post “g2log with Clang++” with the details so that you can get Linux/Clang (and g2log) with all … Continue reading

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Rethinking the coding IDE : SourceKit App on Google Chrome

For the last couple of months I have tried to study up for coming job interviews. This typically means finding an area where I am rusty and make it shine. As I do this I find myself going through my … Continue reading

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Exploring C++11, part 2 (localtime and time again)

C++11 time, part II. Part I you can read here: Several of the time functions in C++ are not thread-safe and using for example std::localtime or std::asctime can have unwanted side-effects. Other thread unsafe c-library functions that come to mind … Continue reading

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C++ Debt Paid in Full? Wait-Free, Lock-Free Queue

In 2009 I wrote about a horrid lock-free Single Producer, Single Consumer Circular Fifo that I had seen in use in the industry. I tried to pick it apart and see what made it tick. Was it broken beyond reason … Continue reading

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