G4log with licensing or crowd source funding?

How to make money of licensed software?

g2log and g3log (https://github.com/KjellKod/g3log) were successful. Thousands of companies and universities around the world are using them. Ease of use. High throughput. Resilience. Low latency even when facing worst case scenarios. These factors and the Invaluable “crash catching” information makes it indispensable for software and products in a range of industries.

During the years I have gained a wealth of knowledge on how to improve one of the best C++ loggers available. Or how to create the next gen Logger!

I’ve been drafting the next gen Logger for some time. G4log! With much higher throughout, radically decreased latency, great choices for customization, more logging sink options and world class “process crash/fatal shutdown” post mortem debugging. Read on.,,

The motivator to invest as much time in g4log as I did on the predecessors would be to have the “hobby” paying for itself. Time is money!

So how would I get that? I’m not an expert in this area and I would love your input :

  • Free for Open Source use?
  • License fee for corporations?
  • A “nagging license information” similar to Sublime?
  • Crowd Fund g4log and keep it free as a Public Domain Dedication?

What would you prefer? Pay for?

#resiliency #logging #g3log


About kjellkod

Software Engineer by trade, (former?) Martial Artist and Champion by strong will and small skill... and a Swede by nationality :)
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