g3log and g3sinks last releases with c++11 support. Future releases will support c++14 and c++17

G3log 1.3.1 released. This is the last release with c++11 support.  It’s a small “curtesy” release so that companies using c++11 can easily get the most of g3log before upgrading past c++11.

Currently master is supporting c++14 and is enabled for c++17

Changes include:

  • iOS support
  • Significantly improved CMake options for install options on multiple platforms
  • Support for full filenames in logs
  • Huge improvements for low granularity of log timestamps on both * Windows and Linux
  • CMake support for arbitrary, compile time decided max value for log entries when using the the printf-like API


G3sinks curtesy release 1.1.1 for c++11 users.   This is the last g3sinks release for c++11. Future releases will support c++14 and c++17


The tiny release includes:

  • Update to work with improved time format in g3log
  • Improved version tagging
  • Added Travis Cloud CI for branch and pull request testing

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Software Engineer by trade, (former?) Martial Artist and Champion by strong will and small skill... and a Swede by nationality :)
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