BitBucket no more, G3log has moved to GitHub

if you go to you will be greeted by a “we have moved” sign

G2log, the idea try-out G2log-dev and finally G3log all used mercurial and resided at BitBucket. Yesterday that changed. G3log resides solely on GitHub from now and the foreseeable future.

An email to all(*)  repository watchers and forkers explained briefly where G3log had moved.

(* for private watchers and forkers I had no “send message” option. I still see their username so why BitBucket made it impossible for me to contact them while still showing that much information is a mystery to me)

Professionally I have had much more experience with Git than Hg. The appeal in Git with ease of dealing with branches, pull requests and conflicts contrasted sharply with Hg’s multiple head madness. Finally it made me create a G3log mirror on GitHub a while ago. All of a sudden pull requests and dealing with feature requests became so much easier.

(Git does exist on ButBucket as well but BitBucket is lacking in other areas that I find important.)

Take with that revelation also greater community support and, to me, better support to requested features made it easy to take the decision to completely switch over to GitHub.

For now g2log and g2log-dev will continue to reside on BitBucket. Those two repositories rarely see code changes except for an occasional bugfix or compiler support fix requested by a user.

Moving G3log to GitHub will hopefully mean that it’s easier to access it for the community as well as contribute to it than it was on BitBucket.
Next on the TODO list for G3log are some long pending improvements to crash handling, lready now in large rolled out for Windows. Also easier install (first out Linux) and some small improvements to existing features are planned.

About kjellkod

Software Engineer by trade, (former?) Martial Artist and Champion by strong will and small skill... and a Swede by nationality :)
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