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Number crunching: Why you should never, ever, EVER use linked-list in your code again

Updates: 23rd April, 2014: I noticed that a few of the ideone examples lost their code, whether from someone hacked my account or not is unknown. For that reason I put up the ideone examples at GitHub. You can find … Continue reading

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Exploring C++11, part 1 (Time)

I was playing around with C++11 the other day – being inspired and all by the 2012 Going Native videocasts. So far I have only seen the keynote by Stroustrup but that was enough to get me inspired 🙂 Anyhow,.. … Continue reading

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The hiring process … 11 years of success and failures

This blog entry is long overdue. Now I am benched until the contract with my next client is finalized. So this time is as good as ever to finally pin this down… The last 11 years took me, then my … Continue reading

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