C++ programmers, the future is here

Finally, C++0x is here. Well almost =)
My favorite blogger, mr Sutter just posted that the ISO C++ committee has approved the final technical changes to the C++0x standard.

This means that it may complete by this summer. But why wait?, already several compilers come with subsets of c++0x implemented.

My favorite addition to c++ is the thread support. I’ve already played around with it a little more seriously since early fall 2010 thanks to just::thread. So far that lead me to prepare material for presentations and hands-on classes — we’ll see if time permits and companies are interested…

If you want to learn the easy way about the new way of thread programming I can recommend Anthony Williams blogs and especially his presentations. [A.W is the author of just::thread, the in-depth book “C++ Concurrency in Action” and is heavily involved with the shaping of C++0x]

For those of us that take nerdy interest in writing and understanding frameworks and tools to aid other programmers I think the Microsoft’s approach towards parallel programming is very encouraging: the Asynchronous Agents library especially but also the Parallel Patterns Library is well worth the time reading up on and testing EVEN if you like me aren’t at the moment programming in Windows. Why not checking out the msdn on them or maybe reading the free msdn book “Parallel Programming with Microsoft Visual C++”?

IPhone written blog… thus the poor formatting

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