Turmoil, Intel’s influence and my Lock-Free Queue Article receives Attention

Much ado about … Well crazy week don’t you think?
Nokia + Microsoft == Win-Win (for Microsoft at least).  Throw in what’s happening in Egypt and that my article at Code Project is getting noticed 🙂 really made my week.

Originally I had planned to write my (almost) first semi-political entry about the Swedish  bank Avanza and their legal and business savvy (but immoral) discrimination against US (or US dual) citizens living in Sweden…. but I decided against it. In light of all big things that have happened this week I thought it insignificant. If interested you can read the synopsis of Avanza in the end(*)

Much more interesting I think is what’s happening in Tunisia and Egypt. Way to go! God luck with the forming of your new countries. The world is amazed by your non-violent “revolution”. Maybe this can be the turning point for the Middle-East.

I wonder how the Finns will act to the craziness thrown in their faces this week. Nokia and Microsoft will together be the force behind their new generation of smartphones with windows 7 as OS. Scrap the Symbian (no big surprise really) AND scrap MeeGo (?) (Intel got a lot of the deal though, already). …. Checking the Qt forums gives that the Qt developers are more than pissed off! No Wonder!

At todays free but excellent “Intel® Atom™ Processor E6xx Series Hands-On Training Event” in Kista the Intel people showed and talked to us a great deal about MeeGo. I think it sounds great. With an Intel Atom platform and picking a GPOS solution for embedded or semi-embedded solution I would definitely pick MeeGo or maybe WindRiver Linux solution as a starting point. In todays “I-need-absolute-control-and-I-can-do-it-better-myself” Software Engineering world it seems that  the trend for Linux geared companies in Sweden is to make their own Linux version, struggling with drivers and getting it done (hopefully) after much painstaking work and very slow going. I’ve seen this several times already in my relatively short professional career and I think it’s  just crazy. Compare that “fated-to-slow-time-to-market” attitude  compared to the attitude of using out-of-the box solutions that ARE OUT THERE! (Seriously!). Duh! Which type of solution would give the companies the lowest risk, cost and fastest time to market?
… At the event I also looked once more at WindRivers minimalistic Hypervizor solution. With GPOS and RTOS running together it looked very nice. The mechanism for communicating between OS is in place from the start and with an Eclipse type IDE you can debug processes in both GPOS/RTOS at the same time. Impressive WindRiver!

Last in my rambling of stuff that has happened last week is that I discovered today that an article at Code Project “Yet another implementation of a lock-free circular array queue” referred to my own article not once, but several times (look for the  [11] references). Sweet! It’s always nice to see that you can make a difference and have a positive impact on other Engineers!  Some 20.000 views of my article at today’s date. Maybe only a few of those views are actually from folks that are actually reading it, but still! It’s feedback like this that makes me want to finalize the 2-or-3 half-finished articles I have in the pipeline.

Nuff said! It’s Valentine’s day and time to cuddle 🙂


(*) Avanza – specialized in financial trading – is using (or abusing) the QI-treaty to gain a business advantage towards other Swedish banks  with lower-cost trading with US markets thanks to their business savvy but immoral discrimination of american citizens living in Sweden (or Swedish/American dual citizens). The IRS QI treaty gives lower tax for trading with US markets if the foreign bank (here Avanza) report to the IRS about their US citizens customers in that bank and their savings.

Avanza’s smart move is simply to get the benefit of the QI-treaty but ban all US citizens (whether or not living in Sweden) from being a customer. Of course I was of the idea that this was typical discrimination and illegal, but according to the “Equality Ombudsman” it is fully legal. Figure that! It’s a long story. Maybe I’ll write about it some other day.

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