Iphone 4: Apps that suck – time for a refund?

[updated: 2010, October 5th: see at the end]

I realized a while ago that I wanted to sync my gmail contacts, online, with my IPhone. On a blog I read about SyncInABlink.com that sounded great and exactly what I wanted. I paid some 38:- SEK (approx $5.60) and tried to use it… It crashed.

OK. To the vender’s forum and check for support. Trying 3G instead of Wi-Fi. No success. It crashed.

Deleting lots, and lots of non-important gmail contacts since it was crashing during the “gmail contact update” stage. I downsized my contacts from 600 to approx 100. No success, only crash. Finally I wrote a bug report on the vendor’s forum, filed on through the Iphone’s app store and as an afterthought I googled for Apple store refund.

It seems that the purchases are final , which I think is bogus. What about apps that doesn’t work at all? It seems awful that if with all the crap going through the app store the quality assurance aspect on the Iphone starts and stops with the Apple HW/SW! I think it is terrible if anything can be sold under whatever pretenses and no refunds are ever given back.

Finally I found this: How to get a refund from the iTunes App Store. Now let’s see if it works, if not I think I’ll be way more cautious in the future before wasting even a dollar on the app store.

For those who are interested in what I wrote about the crap also known as “SyncInABlink” you can check the forum here. The response from their developer Jason “Sorry for the issues you are facing. These are some of the issues we’ve dealt with in the latest update
What, since the latest update? But that’s not correct. Their latest update was October 2, but checking their forums give this error to be known as soon as iOS 4 came out — and still they sell the app through AppStore when they know it doesn’t work for i OS4? Not very reassuring. At least they could issue an iOS4 warning like other vendors have done that are not up to speed yet.

…Of course I’ve given my filed AppStore bug report and claim for refund below. I will post an update IF I get my money back.

…. Bug report: 
This application does not function as expected and as promised.

The application is for synchronizing contacts between gmail and IPhone, however it does not work as promised. Duing the gmail synchronization phase when updating contacts on gmail (update or add) the application crashes. This happens every time and seems to be a known problem, as I found out later when I  went to the venders forum to check up on this problem.

As early as July, August this problem was reported but the vendor has yet to fix it – it seems to be a bug due to that the software cannot properly handle IOS 4.

I would like my money back since this application does not function at all and does not even give a minimum of what it promised to deliver.

[updated: 2010, October 5th]
I got a reply from Apple. I’m very pleased with their answer as it seems from their answer that they take the AppStore’s content quality seriously and not as “if you buy it, it’s on your own risk” as you might belive from http://www.apple.com/legal/itunes/ww/

Here’s the cut-down version of Apple’s reply:

Hello Kjell,

My name is [Name Removed] and I understand that you are interested in a refund for the app “Sync in a Blink”, as it doesn’t work as promised. Please know I can appreciate your concern and I am here to assist.

I’m sorry to learn that this item did not meet the standard of quality you have come to expect from the iTunes Store. I have reversed the charge for “Sync in a Blink”. In three to five business days, a credit should be posted to the credit card that appears on the receipt for that purchase.

I have also submitted this item for investigation. Apple takes the quality of the items offered on the iTunes Store seriously and will investigate the issue with this item, but I can’t say when or if the issue will be resolved. Please try again in a few weeks.

[Text Removed]

If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to reply to this email as I am only an email away.

Thank you for your understanding, Kjell. Have a great day!


[Name Removed]
iTunes Store Customer Support

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1 Response to Iphone 4: Apps that suck – time for a refund?

  1. Mårten Cederholm says:

    These are one of the issues I have been hesitating about while contemplating which my next smart phone will be. I’m impressed with Apple’s apparent professional attitude in this matter. Once again, IPhone pops up front in my current selection…. Maybe it’s time to buy now?


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