Blog transfer & Iphone 4 critic

[written on IPhone:]

Being on for some time I’ve come to the decision to transfer my blog. Maybe to WordPress? Blogspot has a few bugs that make it really annoying to edit a post, causing the content/formatting of the post to change just by doing “edit + save”… So with this first WordPress post it’s also a test to see if WordPress is more mature.

To the core of this post. Leaving my Nokia N96 and buying my first IPhone(4) was great. I upgrade mobile every 2nd year or so and normally it’s a definite but expected improvement. This time, not so! Talk about Quantum Leap 😉 compared to my bug riddled Nokia N96 it feels like I was handed a Sci-fi device. That’s how big difference it is between the two.

One feature I got hooked on with my N96 was its integrated and almost free GPS voice guide turn-by-turn navigation. True that it also suffered from plenty of bugs but it worked pretty OK for navigating in Stockholm and in the Mid-West… (Btw: bugs that Nokia customer service wasn’t too keen to hear about nor correcting)

So when switching to IPhone this was a GPS must have feature. Through Apple’s AppStore I got a trial version of Telia Navigator. In my opinion the real version is completely overpriced with regard to it’s simple functionality, especially compared with the GPS navigators that I tried on my Nokia N96 (amazegps, nav4all It surprised me though that only after a short time using it I quickly found a really big (user-wise) bug. After answering my phone and looking at a incoming txt message I went back to the Telia Navigator. But to my dismay the navigator was now very much only doing silent directions. The voice turn-by-turn help was completely gone. Turning off to a slower side street I tried to get it going again but only an App shutdown through the “task manager” and restart got the computerized voice up and going again.

How could an obvious bug like this exist on GPS navigation App from a recognized company? To me it become apparent that many Apps that worked great with previous versions of IPhone suffered from “bugs” when running on an IPhone 4. This really stands out if you try out a few Apps. Just read their descriptions first and then try them on on an IPhone 4.

I’ve written down some random Apps that I’ve tried that all have these IPhone-4-only (?) bug problem.

1. Telia navigator (version 1.3): voice directions are sometimes turned off with no possibility to turn on again. Happens when switching to call and/or other App and back again.

2. Ace Hunter, a free game by Coresoft Inc. It just never starts. During startup it hangs with a message “Checking Internet connection. Please wait”

3. Best Alarm Clock(version 2.1), it’s a free Alarm clock, weather, temperature App from The alarm only works if the App is THE active one. If not then it won’t sound the alarm and you’ll most likely oversleep 😦

4. Waze (version 2.0), a free voice guiding turn-by-turn GPS navigator App. Too bad its voice just never, ever , ever make even the slightest effort to actually talk. I tried to break the Ice but I guess my choice of words didn’t help this “social navigator”

5. NaviCat. Another free GPS navigator that refuses to use it’s voice guidance on my IPhone 4. Weird enough though it’s “similation” mode is very “chatty”

Since several of these AppStore have better than mediocre grades and several reviewers seem happy with them my conclusion is that they are probably great Apps on the IPhone 3 versions but on IPhone 4 they are just pathetically broken.

Now why aren’t they tagged with “tested on version X” or something similar. You would think that it’s in Apple’s interest to help the users having faith in the Apps at AppStore. At least some companies that give out service Apps write in their descriptions that this and that feature does not work on IPhone 4.

I’m sure things will improve over time, as people give feedback. Either way it’s a great phone even though it’s tarnished by lousy and bug riddled (even worse than the N96?) GPS navigation (and more) Apps


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