Who is in Your Network?

It is not a question about if but when someone will be eavesdropping on your network. It might not be a “break in” but a “break out”! Do you know how common it is to have your applications and systems communicate out to a third party? Way too often that communication is not known to you, nor even secure.

When I moved to the USA I found a company, LogRhythm, that developed a state of the art network monitor. I rarely blog about the company I work for but with the latest freemium version of NetMonI feel that the word needs to get out.  The NetMon is a treasure for easy network forensics, understanding what is happening on the network or what has happened on your network.

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When my friends at Field To Table Outdoors wanted to interview me with a focus on catching and eating invasive species I was thrilled. The No. 1 invasive species that I catch in Colorado is not only delicious to eat but it is easy to catch it and lots of fun.

rest in brineSee my recipe for Swedish Style Crawdads and don’t forget to check out the podcast (see link section)

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Recipe: https://www.jagareltd.com/recipes-2/crawdads-crayfish-crawfish-or-mudbugs-try-a-tasty-invasive-species/2018

Podcast: https://fieldtotableoutdoors.podbean.com/e/episode-15-crawfish-and-carp/




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Aging Meat Pod Cast with Yours Truly

Field To Table Outdoors interviewed me for a podcast a while ago. It was fun and from what I heard a good source of knowledge for interested DIY hunters with a desire to improve their DIY meat processing

The pod cast is available on Podbean and ITunes


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G4log with licensing or crowd source funding?

How to make money of licensed software?

g2log and g3log (https://github.com/KjellKod/g3log) were successful. Thousands of companies and universities around the world are using them. Ease of use. High throughput. Resilience. Low latency even when facing worst case scenarios. These factors and the Invaluable “crash catching” information makes it indispensable for software and products in a range of industries.

During the years I have gained a wealth of knowledge on how to improve one of the best C++ loggers available. Or how to create the next gen Logger!

I’ve been drafting the next gen Logger for some time. G4log! With much higher throughout, radically decreased latency, great choices for customization, more logging sink options and world class “process crash/fatal shutdown” post mortem debugging. Read on.,,

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g3log and g3sinks last releases with c++11 support. Future releases will support c++14 and c++17

G3log 1.3.1 released. This is the last release with c++11 support.  It’s a small “curtesy” release so that companies using c++11 can easily get the most of g3log before upgrading past c++11.

Currently master is supporting c++14 and is enabled for c++17

Changes include:

  • iOS support
  • Significantly improved CMake options for install options on multiple platforms
  • Support for full filenames in logs
  • Huge improvements for low granularity of log timestamps on both * Windows and Linux
  • CMake support for arbitrary, compile time decided max value for log entries when using the the printf-like API


G3sinks curtesy release 1.1.1 for c++11 users.   This is the last g3sinks release for c++11. Future releases will support c++14 and c++17


The tiny release includes:

  • Update to work with improved time format in g3log
  • Improved version tagging
  • Added Travis Cloud CI for branch and pull request testing
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Part 3: Why I always give Moose, Deer and Elk proper Aging Time

In the third and last part of “Why I always give Moose, Deer and Elk proper Hang Time” we will learn:

– the simple steps needed to process the meat in your home

– what the meat aging (tenderization) formula is and the connection between time and temperature. No more guesswork as to when it is done aging!

– how to calculate aging with and without a tenderization timer

– my own, personal reflections regarding how good aged meat from a moose cow compares to a less aged moose calf.

Once this third part is read you should know how the meat goes from tough to tender, from flavorless to rich in flavor and how you, in easy to do steps, can transform your meat to high quality, aged, flavorful and tender steaks worthy of a 5 star dinner experience

. https://www.jagareltd.com/blog/2017/9/2/part3-why-i-always-give-moose-deer-and-elk-proper-hang-time

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Part 2: Why I always give Moose, Elk and Deer proper aging time

In part 2 of “Why I always give Moose, Deer and Elk proper Hang Time” we will move on to the techniques needed to make the meat go from tough to tender, from flavorless to rich in flavor.

We will discuss the PROs and CONs with dry aging vs wet aging (a.k.a vacuum aging)

Aging the meat is the key regardless of approach 🙂


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Part 1: Why I always give Moose, Elk and Deer proper aging time

When I started out as a hunter in the North of Sweden I was fortunate enough to hunt with various groups of hunters. They all had  decades worth of  knowledge and traditions on:  how to field dress the animal, how long the moose or deer should hang and how to butcher it. I quickly realized that the processed meat quality differed sharply between the groups and I set out to learn what made the processed meat high quality vs inferior quality.

In my article at JagareLtd.com we will learn to avoid some common handling mistakes and why aging the meat makes a difference.   If you are a DIY hunter like me than I think you will find it an interesting read.

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NetMon Freemium – Use case : Detect non-encrypted logins

This is one of the few times  that I have written about a product for a company that I am working for. NetMon, or Network Monitor by LogRhythm is in my opinion well warranted all the extra PR and I hope by writing about it I can interest you in trying it out. In just a few minutes you could get full visibility into your corporate or home network.

Let me show you one great use case of where NetMon truly shines. From it I think you will see how using NetMon will increase the visibility of what happens on your network and how it can detect vulnerabilities that no virus scanner or malware detection tool will detect. This is something that you can use on your home network as well as on your company network.

The use case is detecting unencrypted logins. Obviously with unencrypted logins on your network you are extra vulnerable if a hacker manages to get pass your firewall and starts sniffing network traffic. Detecting clear text credentials from the services you use on the internal network is vital when securing your network.

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g3log 1.3 and g3sinks 1.1 released.

G3log v.1.3

  • with improvements for ARM, OSX, Linux and Windows platorms.
  • Nanosecond fractions granularity in log entries
  • plattform and build improvements
  • logging levels improvements
  • bugfixes – API, README updated with build instructions and more code examples.

G3Sinks v.1.2

  • improved log rotation triggered by size of log file or number of entries
  • g3log integration improvements
  • improved README (logrotate) with build, install instructions
  • improved README for g3log integration and API usage.

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